A student entrepreneurial class at Space of Mind.

Mason Jar Munchies supports the Community Classroom Project efforts and proceeds benefit the Students Discretionary Fund.

The Community Classroom Project is a 501c3 non-profit initiative started by Space of Mind. We’re on a mission to make learning less stressful for students, parents, families, educators and communities.


You can find us and our products for sale at community events such as the Delray Beach Green Market every Saturday from October to May, 9am-2pm.

Community Classroom Project is maximizing the impact of academic, social and emotional learning on mental health, family dynamics and community sustainability.

As part of this entrepreneurial class, our students research seasonal recipes that are convenient and marketable to our community. We create our products with carefully chosen ingredients and lots of love. We prepare budgets and financials to keep track of expenses like a “real” business. Financial literacy is not the only thing we learn. Students also design labels, logos, visual merchandising and marketing materials. Many life skills are associated with this class as well like social skills, teamwork, and community involvement.


All sales benefit the Student Discretionary Fund through the Community Classroom Project, a 501(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to making learning – and life – less stressful through creativity, life skills and social experiences.