Reducing school-related stress is mission-critical in order to save students’ lives, keep creative educators happy at work and engage parents in their child’s education. Community Classroom Project is maximizing the impact of academic, social and emotional learning on mental health, family dynamics and community sustainability.

Thank you for investing in students and families.

Space of Mind and Community Classroom share a campus in downtown Delray Beach. A portion of the proceeds from select Space of Mind programs & classes support the Community Classroom Project, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing stress through creativity. Want to get involved?

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Now, teachers, administrators, therapists, families and students can come together to share experiences, ideas and resources for creating a more peaceful and productive school experience through Community Classroom Project’s Parent Educator Resource Center.

Our first annual Pub At The Hub was a huge success!

Thank you to all who came out to support the unveiling of our brand new Community Classroom Project learning center!

Stay tuned for what’s next at the CCP!

The Community Classroom Project is a 501c3 non-profit initiative started by Space of Mind. We’re on a mission to make learning less stressful for students, parents, families, educators and communities.

Think Differently,

STUDENTS need to feel safe, loved, and celebrated
PARENTS want to raise happy kids
FAMILIES want to fight less
CAREGIVERS want to be more impactful
EDUCATORS want to be more creative
COMMUNITIES deserve higher quality education


To reduce school-related stress in classrooms and families by bridging the gap between students, parents, educators, schools, and the community.


To provide a collaborative learning lab for creative and culinary arts, entrepreneurship, leadership, STEAM, and life skills and be an educational hub for our community members and local schools.


To enable participants from all demographics to access educational programming and resources through public-private partnerships, scholarships, advocacy, school-to-school collaboration, and thought leadership.

Our Space

Located next to the SOM schoolhouse is The Hub, a collaborative learning lab for creative and culinary arts, entrepreneurship, leadership, STEAM education, life skills, and an educational workspace for our community members and local schools.

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